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Questions & Answers

Q. Is it possible to restore health at any age?

A. Health doesn't depend on age. EVERYONE can restore their health, even if they are very ill, however it is up to you how intense you are willing to focus on healing. Healing is a process. It has it's ups and downs. there are times when the body is eliminating that we feel tired, have symptoms like skin issues, head aches, weakness... it is normal, but they pass and health progressing with each elimination period. The most important thing is to go at your own rythme so as to not shake your body up too fast, and preserve your energy so your body can focus on healing. treat your energy like money; save it up and spend it wisely! It is important to pace yourself and follow the protocol in order.

Q. Does the Ultimate Health Reset cure all disease?

A. The Ultimate Health Reset focuses on restoring health, we do not focus at all on disease. To do this there are 4 steps that need to occur:

1. Energy boost and hydration

2. Hydration and elimination 1

3. Deep tissue elimination

4. Repair

Q. How do I know if the protocol is working?

A. You will feel it straight away. The very first day. The first thing that usually changes, is an increase in energy levels, then the skin changes, brain fog lifts and, a feeling of well being and just smiling sets in. From there, as long as you continue long enough and intensely, your health just keeps improving. It is a miraculous process.

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COVID 19 - Cause - solution

COVID 19 - Cause - solution


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