The 5 Missing Links of health & disease (Part 2)
Water, the microbiome & Nature's communication network

Here lies the second critical key to restoring health; the connection between water, the microbiome and Nature's phenomenal communication network.

This is where we head down the rabbit hole and dig deep into the origin of disease and health.
Here lies the mystery of life, health, disease and death which is utimately tied together with the most
stunningly spectacular simplicity - Water!

Without water no life would exist. 70% of our bodies and of virtually all species consist of water, cut off a shoot of a plant and stick it in water and watch it grow. A foetus develops in water. 70% of Mother Earth consist of 70% water. When scientists look for life on another planet they look first for the presence of water, as without water no life can exist. Water is the secret of life (and health!).

Water does not come from a bottle, nor a tap. Water is the only element on earth that exists in 4 different states: liquid, gas, solid and a fourth lesser known state closer to a gel.

Water does not disappear, it evolues and it is recycled.

Water vehicles the blood, the lymph, bile, urine, plasma and all other fluids in the body. Cells are comprised of 70% water, a special kind of structured water. Water maintains cell structure, ensures cell function and energy production. Every cell bathes in the water of the interstitial fluid surrounding it, which drains away the metabolic waste to ensure that every cell remains healthy. But water also does something more extraordinary still; it carries signals (in the way of electro-magnetic frequencies) from the external environment into the cell through the cell's receptors along the membrane, determining gene expression and cell function. No gene can be triggered without this external information.

Water has a perfect structure (a vector equilibrium) which follows the principals of sacred geometry. Water droplets cluster together to create the vector equilibrium and undergoes constant change allowing it to create its own energy source that we call life. The secret to life is water. The secret behind health and diseas is water. There is only one way to really restore your health, increase energy and thrive, and this revolves around water.

vector equilibrium.png

The Code of Life: The Vector Equilibrium

Micro RNA


The MicroRNA are a part of this great signalling system in the body that controls cell function. They move around the body in the water pathways (blood, lymph, interstitial fluid...) in exosomes (think spaceships whizzing through the body fluids!). Spectacularly, the MicroRNA leave our body through our respiration, transpiration, urination, tears and sexual fluids and then go onto to enter the body of other species relaying the stored information they have gathered from other organisms into each new individual.  The exchange of the MicroRNA between individuals, and across species, is the greatest communication network system known to science that allows all organisms to communicate and connect with each other, remain informed and adapt to all other individual organisms and Nature across all species on the planet.


Learn how you can use and influence the microRNA, water and environmental signals to stimulate health restoration in your body.

(This step is absolutely vital in the healing process)


The lastest science explains why Big Pharma and vaccine companies are focusing on microRNA to deliver medicine into our cells (Covid19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna), something that has always been strictly prohibited all over the world due to the number of potential side effects and DNA modification.